A curated mind, body, spirit experience for women actively pursuing their best life, naturally.

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Our mission is to empower and educate women on how to live their best lives, naturally.


Wellness has become a trendy term in the last several years. But here is the thing, wellness isn't just a trend. Its a lifestyle. It's learning how to take care of your mind, body, and spirit, and supporting it and helping it flourish. It's learning how to fuel yourself to live your best life. 

WellScene was created to educate and create a community on wellness. Without the trends and the gimmicks, we are here to learn new ways to care for ourselves and to empower each other to be our own health advocates. Through monthly meetups, conferences, and special events, we are sharing wellness with anyone that wants to learn how to thrive, naturally. 

WellScene has created the Little Green Book, an online directory to connect  health coaches, chiropractors, yoga instructors, organic food brands, to everyday women. If wellness is your jam, this is the perfect way to network and collaborate with trusted members of the community. 


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Meet Gabrielle D'Auria

WELLNESS + LIFESTYLE COACH, founder of wellscene

After experiencing 4 years of health issues from SIBO, Candida, and Hashimotos Thyroiditis, Gabrielle fell in love with health and wellness. Determined to help others avoid the health issues that she had to deal with, she went to Emory University and became a certified health coach. She has been featured in articles as well as being interviewed on the Ask Dr Nandi Show discussing gut health and its effects on anxiety and depression.

Determined to learn more about health and wellness, she began travelling to events all over the U.S. She grew tired of traveling outside of Georgia to attend events to learn more about health and wellness, she decided to create her own. Being in love with wellness, but still not feeling a part of a community, it felt like something needed to change. On a mission to educate people on health and wellness while also creating a community, WellScene was born. 

Atlanta knows about their bar and restaurant scene, but what about their wellness scene? Atlanta is a thriving city that is in need of connecting a wellness community.

WellScene will do just that.